Aden Country Park

Development phase of Aden project

During the project development phase, the project board appointed Ironside Farrar Ltd and Jura Consultants to focus on the capital and activity work. The board also commissioned Buchan Development Partnership to deliver a series of community consultation and engagement work and appointed Project and Funding Officer responsible for overall project co-ordination and securing of match funding. 

Throughout the project development phase, it was crucial that everyone was provided with an opportunity to have their say. A series of online and offline consultation opportunities were devised to ensure that our project proposals matched the needs and views of the local community and visitors to Aden.

Using the results of the consultation, project proposals were drawn up through a series of key supporting documents devised during the development phase, these included amongst others:

  • Access Plan
  • Activity Plan
  • Archaeological Investigations and Summary Reports
  • Biodiversity Management Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Community Consultation Reports
  • Conservation Management Plan
  • Evidence of Match Funding
  • Hydrology and Water Quality Report
  • Management and Maintenance Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • Project Timetable
  • Project Management Structure
  • Project Risks
  • Project Costs, Cash Flow and Income and Spending Forecasts
  • Project Funding Summary Report
  • Procurement Plan
  • Structural Condition Report
  • Stage 3 Design Report
  • Stage 3 Design Drawings
  • Tree Survey Report

Along with these supporting documents, a detailed second-round funding application was submitted on the 28th February 2018.

The Aden Country Park restoration and redevelopment project size totals £2,130,192 which is comprised of a £1,250,000 National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) Parks for People programme contribution, £233,775 from the council, £43,600 from Historic Environment Scotland, £200,000 from the Scottish Landfill Fund, £23,000 from the Gordon and Ena Baxter Foundation, £309,398 from non-cash contributions, and £70,500 of volunteer time.