Aden Country Park

Aden project vision

The vision of the Aden project is to enhance, promote, and conserve Aden’s rich cultural, architectural, archaeological and natural heritage. The aim is to create a sustainable, high quality visitor destination in rural Aberdeenshire for present and future generations to enjoy. 

Our project will tell the story of farming from the North East of Scotland within the Aden landscape and the relationship between communities and the landscape over thousands of years. It provides visitors with an opportunity to actively engage with Aden’s heritage.

Successful redevelopment of the Aden Country Park will consider local needs and opportunities and establish Aden as:

A park which reflects its past

Conserving and enhancing the 'Essence' of the park, addressing Conservation Management Plan recommendations and uncovering its archaeology for visitors and the local community.

A park for the community

Linking physical works with audience needs and addressing Activity Plan objectives. Maximising opportunities to support the local economy and the variety of social enterprises already underway.

A park for health

Animating the place, broadening appeal and maximising choices for sustainable access.

A park for all people and children

Creating a diverse range of activity both active and passive. Reinforcing the park as a place for play, education and quiet contemplation. Ensuring accessibility for all is established wherever realistically possible.

A park of benefit to the environment

Enhancing Aden’s biodiversity and promoting sustainability throughout. Focusing investment to deliver tangible and sustainable benefits.