Circuses and funfairs

The booking conditions and procedure for circuses and funfairs operating on council owned land are as follows:

  • Funfairs can only be booked by a Registered Fairground Operator
  • Applications must be submitted a minimum of 28 calendar days prior to occupation
  • Applications must be on the approved form available from the offices below and accompanied by the relevant safety certificates for each ride and evidence of public liability insurance irrespective of any connection to a Gala, Show, Sports or Games Committee
  • Applications must be accompanied by the Bond which is returnable at the end of the booking if the ground is left undamaged and all conditions of let have been met. Where a fair is to be used in conjunction with a local gala the bond will be required at the time of booking or a letter of guarantee, from the Gala/Show committee to make good any damage caused to the site. Any financial arrangements between a Show, Gala, Sports or Games Committee and the operator shall be between themselves
  • Fairgrounds have a maximum stay of 14 days, this duration does not include 2 days allowed for setting up and one day for taking down equipment and rides
  • Circuses have a maximum stay of 7 days, this duration includes 2 days allowed for setting up and one day for taking down equipment and rides
  • No more than 3 fairs are per year on any nominated site with a minimum of 2 months between events
  • Circuses will visit once per nominated site per year
  • The site will be inspected by Aberdeenshire Council Officers with the Fairground proprietor prior to the first day of occupation and again on the day of leaving, it is the proprietors responsibility to arrange a mutually suitable date and time for the inspection at the time of booking
  • Setting up and taking down of equipment will take place between 0800 hrs and 2000 hrs
  • There will be no operation of the fun fair until all rides and units are set up on site, operation of individual units whilst setting up or taking down will not be permitted on site due to Health and Safety issues

View circuses and funfair privacy notice (PDF 104KB).

Application forms

Application forms are available on request by emailing or from the appropriate area office:

Office address
Kincardine and Mearns
Landscape Services
Units 21/22 Spurryhillock Industrial Estate
AB39 2NH
Telephone: 01467 538200
Landscape Services
Gordon House
Blackhall Road
AB51 3WA
Telephone: 01467 538200
Banff and Buchan
St. Leonards
Sandyhill Road
AB45 2SD
Telephone: 01467 538200

Hours of operation

  • Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 9pm
  • Friday and Saturday between 2pm and 10pm
  • Sunday between 2pm and 5pm

Charges from 1st April 2023

Charges are levied for the number of rides or amusement stalls per day, for the duration of the booking, as follows.

Unit Charge
Up to 20 square metres
20 to 40 square metres
40 to 60 square metres
60 to 80 square metres
80 to 100 square metres
Caravans or vehicles per night
Large ride per day
Juvenile ride per day (including inflatables)
Circus daily rate