About Active Schools

Active Schools Logo.pngActive Schools is an initiative developed in partnership between SportScotland and all local authorities in Scotland. Schools that take part in this initiative provide children with opportunities to get active and make a positive contribution to their health. Our motto is more children, more active, more often. Find out more about Active Schools:

What Active Schools do

Active Schools is a key element in the Scottish Government's drive to get more Scots, more active; a commitment outlined in the national physical activity strategy Let's Make Scotland More Active.

The fundamental aim of the Active Schools network is to offer school aged children the motivation and opportunities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles. These opportunities are available before, during and after school, as well as in the wider community. 

Active Schools also aims to introduce more physical activity into children's daily lives through active travel, play and dance. Our Active School team is therefore involved in several partnership programmes

Role of the Active Schools team and coordinators

Our Active School team is responsible for putting in place and driving forward a range of planned activities in both school and community settings to help encourage children and young people’s participation in physical activity and sport.

Each school has an Active Schools Coordinator. Their role is to support current and develop new, high quality opportunities for school children to participate in regular, frequent, safe and fun physical activity (incorporating sport, play, health and active travel).

Each coordinator works to develop the capacity of the community by delivering training and workshops, or offer advice and support in relation to grants, funding applications, coaching qualifications, links to national governing bodies and much more.

Active Schools Coordinators work with a range of partners such as sports development, physical education, clubs, school travel coordinator, road safety officers, community education and NHS Grampian.

Find the Active Schools Coordinator in your area

Working with Active Schools


Active Schools relies heavily on volunteers to assist with and run various clubs around Aberdeenshire. In order to keep the clubs at minimal cost or free, it is essential that we have volunteers on board. Find out more about becoming a volunteer


With the wide range of activities and programmes being rolled out there are plenty of opportunities for coaches to work with Active Schools. 

If you are a qualified coach and would like to develop your coaching skills while earning some extra money, contact our Active Schools Manager


Our Active Schools works closely with local sport and recreation clubs to provide children with additional motivation and opportunities to participate in physical activity. These links are essential to the success of Active Schools in providing pathways towards a healthy and active lifestyle. Clubs can benefit greatly from raising their profile in the community, expanding junior membership, sharing resources, gaining access to additional facilities as well as coach and volunteer development.

To find out how your club could work with Active Schools please contact our Active Schools Manager

Becoming an Active School

A school seeking to become an Active School should: 

  • provide quality, safe and fun physical activity opportunities, including sport, both within the formal and informal curriculum
  • provide adequate resources and funding for physical activity and sport
  • actively promote positive attitudes towards participation in physical activity with pupils, teachers and families
  • ensure physical activity and sport is referenced within the school development plan
  • encourage and support pupils to reach their full potential through physical activity, sport and physical education

Contact us for more information on Active Schools.

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