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Active Schools Logo.pngThis section provides information about the many events and partnership programmes that our Active Schools are involved in.

Many national agencies recognise the importance of Active Schools in coordinating and facilitating governing bodies and Scottish Government initiatives that impact on our young people's lives and habits.

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Aberdeenshire Active Schools has worked in partnership with the SFA, Aberdeen Football Club, Food Standards Agency, NHS, Big Lottery Fund, Youth Sports Trust and Scottish Disability Sport amongst others to deliver the objectives of each individual programme to a high standard.


Some exciting initiatives that our Active Schools are involved in are:

Active from the Start

Active Schools working in partnership with NHS Grampian, Early Years and the Intervention team at Aberdeenshire Council have developed this project aimed at nursery children and involves parents supporting the development of key skills. The project commences with curricular delivery and then children have "take home activity bags" to encourage participation of physical activity at home with parents to develop core competencies such as rolling, catching, kicking etc. Activity cards give parents specific ideas on how to develop each skill at home.

Fit For Girls

Fit for Girls, a national drive that will be led by Sportscotland and backed by government investment, is aimed at schoolgirls aged 11-16 with the intention of encouraging them to adopt more active lifestyles. 

Find out more about Fit for Girls.


Clubgolf is designed as a safe and exciting introduction to the game of golf. It is played with multi-coloured modified clubs, rubberised balls and velcro targets. This is an exciting national programme, which offers primary 5 pupils an excellent pathway from curricular delivery to being adopted by a local golf club where a youth section is set up to further develop the child's potential until the age of 16.

Find out more about Clubgolf.


Aberdeenshire Active Schools are working in partnership with Ydance to develop a work force of girls who can deliver dance sessions. Local one day workshops are planned leading on to regional CPD skills workshops.

Find out more about Ydance.

Positive Coaching Scotland

The Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme is about creating a positive environment in youth sport - one which focuses on encouraging effort and learning, improving performance and fostering competition. This focus helps young people to understand the importance of effort rather than winning at all costs.

Find out more about Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS).

Sports Leaders 

This initiative aims to develop new leaders and volunteers who can gain organisational and planning skills through a sports medium.

Find out more about Sport Leaders.

Sport opportunities and development

Active Schools work closely with Aberdeenshire Council's team of sports specific officers. They also have an army of coaches, leaders and instructors in a wide variety of sports.

View more information on community sport opportunities and development

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