Changes to sports and activity charges

We are changing the amounts you’ll pay if you take part in sports and physical activities at our facilities in Aberdeenshire.

To be able to maintain and invest in services, some of our prices will increase although we will continue to offer a range of discounts for certain people and groups.

For example, we’re introducing a new 30 percent discount for all young people aged 18 and under as well as for those under 25 in full-time education.

We are also increasing the discount available for those on low incomes and in receipt of certain benefits from 50 percent to 60 percent.

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Why prices are changing

Aberdeenshire’s prices have historically been lower than other areas in Scotland and over the next three years these changes will bring our prices closer in line with those other areas.

Currently we are only recovering 45 percent of the costs required to provide sports and physical activities, which is not sustainable in the long-term.

By 2020, we need to recover 60 percent of the costs required to provide these services so that we can maintain and invest in them in the future.

Pay monthly options

Although prices are changing, they still represent real value for money, particularly our new pay monthly options.

Rather than, for example, an individual, one-off gym visit every few weeks, these options make it better value for money the more you use our facilities, encouraging people to become fitter and healthier.

An example of a new pay monthly option is our swimming membership for £25 a month. If you swim two times a week, this means you will be paying just over £3 per swim.

What you can expect

Over the past few years we have embarked on an unprecedented building programme of new community and sports facilities, which has led to state-of-the-art facilities in Fraserburgh, Laurencekirk, Ellon, Alford and Macduff. Additional facilities will continue to become available throughout Aberdeenshire.

Through new sports development funding, we are also investing in developing the range of programmes on offer at our facilities.

To do this, we want to hear from you on how you think we can best use this money.

This could include extending our opening hours or improving the range of fitness classes on offer.

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