Appeal and objections against licence applications

Alcohol licences - objections and representations

If you would like to object to, or lodge support for an application for a licence to sell alcohol, there are some rules you need to follow.

To appeal or object against a civic licence (not an alcohol licence) you need to follow a different process.

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Objections and representations

An objection is opposing the granting of a licence at all. A representation instead does not object to the granting of a licence in principle.  It is more likely to be relevant to modifications to the operating plan or recommendations for conditions to be attached to the licence.

Requirements for lodging an objection or representation

Objections can only be on grounds relevant to the grounds for refusal. Therefore, if you wish to object to the grant of a licence then you must relate your objections to one or more of the grounds for refusal. View more information on grounds for refusal in our guidance on objections, representations and statements of support (PDF 108KB).

Representations should be relevant to one or more of the licensing objectives detailed in our guidance notes if you wish to suggest amendments or conditions. 

If you wish to comment on any application to the board you should be sure of whether you wish to object to the licence being issued, or whether you wish to make representations about possible changes.

Who can lodge an objection or representation

Objections and representations may be lodged by any person, not limited to those in the immediate vicinity or those that have business interests affected by the application.

However, while there is no requirement to show a particular interest the board can reject frivolous or vexatious objections and representations and can also recover the cost of dealing with them.

How to make an objection or representation

Objections and representations must be received within the time period set out in both the premises licence advert and the premises notice of application. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery and late items will not be accepted.

Objections and representations are made to Deputy Clerk to the appropriate licensing board, North, Central or South. To make an objection or representation please complete our pro forma objection or representation (PDF 210KB) and email it to: