Explosives storage licence

If you keep fireworks, shotgun cartridges, certain bird scarers or other explosive products for sale you are likely to require an explosives licence.


You can generally store up to 2,000kg of explosives with a licence issued by us, although there are some conditions relating to its storage.

We will need to know the hazard type and quantity of the explosives you wish to store to determine whether your store is suitable.

The quantity you will be allowed to store will depend on the hazard type of the explosives. 

Please contact your supplier if you are uncertain about the hazard types of explosive you wish to store.

Separation distances

Regulation 27 of the Explosives Regulation 2014 sets out the distances that must be maintained between a store and a building or other place. This is known as the separation distance.

You will not normally be required to maintain separation distances if you store no more than:

  • 250kg hazard type 4
  • 25kg hazard type 3 (or combination of hazard type 3 and hazard type 4)

Find out more about storing explosives.

If you are unsure whether separation distances apply you should contact us.

Telling us about any changes

You must notify us in writing if you wish to transfer the licence.

Application fees

 Application type One year Two years Three years Four years Five years
Initial application (separation distances apply) £185 £243 £304 £374 £423
Renewal (separation distances apply) £86 £147 £206 £266 £326
Initial application (no separation distance) £109 £141 £173 £206 £238
Renewal (no separation distance) £54 £86 £120 £152 £185

The fee to transfer, vary or replace a licence is £36.

How to apply

To apply or renew a storage licence print and fill in the explosive storage licence application (PDF 183KB)Please send completed submissions to Trading Standards team along with any additional documentation.

Additional documentation

In addition to the application form there is some additional documentation that should be submitted:

  • a plan to a scale sufficient to show the location of the site in relation to its surroundings (named or numbered roads, hamlets, villages or geographical features)
  • ordnance survey site plan (or similar) map showing the location of the store and distances to any neighbouring buildings if separation distances apply
  • floor plan of shop floor if intended to store or display more than 12.5kg fireworks on a shop floor
  • floor plan of building if intend to store, process or manufacture explosives in within a building used for other purposes

Application process

Any application received by us will be processed as quickly as possible and, in any event, within a period of two weeks, being the target completion period. This period will run from the time that all of the required information has been submitted and all licence conditions met.

If you have not heard from us within this time, please contact us.

Duration of licence

Licences may be granted for up to five years. 

Tacit consent

Tacit consent won't apply for an explosive storage licence. This means that you cannot assume that the application has been approved if you do not hear from us by the end of the target completion period. It is in the public interest that we must process your application before it can be granted.

Contact details

Trading Standards
Gordon House
Blackhall Road
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Telephone: 01467 537222