Small society lottery scheme

Each society applying for a small society lottery registration must draw up a lottery scheme. A copy of the lottery scheme must be provided with your application when registering for a small society lottery.

Your lottery scheme must, for example:

  • Formally decide it wishes to run a lottery or lotteries and what format those lotteries will take that is raffles, 100 clubs, instant scratch cards
  • Determine who is to be the promoter for the lottery or lotteries on behalf of the society and procedures for formally appointing that person
  • Determine when each lottery will take place in each calendar year
  • Determine when tickets will be placed on sale and how much tickets will cost
  • Determine the value of prizes in each lottery
  • Determine the procedures for drawing the lottery and recording details of the winners
  • Determine procedures for recording of numbers of unsold tickets, expenses paid out in promoting the lottery
  • Determining the two persons to be responsible for submitting lottery returns to the Board on behalf of the society within three months of the date of each lottery and procedures for formally appointing those persons

All decisions taken regarding the promotion of the lottery should then be written down. This becomes the lottery scheme. It can take the format of a minute of a meeting of the society held for the purpose of promotion of lotteries.

View the lottery scheme form (PDF 25KB).

Amending a lottery scheme

If a society makes any changes to the procedures it has set out for lotteries or when persons appointed change, the society requires to formally amend its scheme. The society will then require to contact the Board for a Form 2 to complete and submit along with a copy of its amended scheme.

This must be done at least 28 days in advance of the date from which the amendments are to take effect.