Riding establishments licence - conditions

The licence for the operating of a riding establishment is granted subject to conditions. They must be implemented by the licence holder during the currency of the licence. The conditions are:

  • A horse found on inspection of the premises by an authorised officer to be in need of veterinary attention shall not be returned to work until the holder of the licence has obtained, at his own expense, and has lodged with the local authority, a veterinary certificate that the horse is fit for work
  • Suitable systems of management and horse husbandry must be in place, and a fit and proper person shall be available to exercise supervision and deal with emergencies
  • No horse will be let out on hire for riding or used for providing instruction in riding without supervision by a responsible person of the age of 16 years or over unless (in the case of a horse let out for hire for riding) the holder of the licence is satisfied that the hirer of the horse is competent to ride without supervision
  • The carrying on of the business of a riding establishment shall at no time be left in the charge of any person under 16 years of age
  • The licence holder shall hold a current insurance policy which insures him against liability for any injury sustained by those who hire a horse from him for riding and those who use a horse in the course of receiving from them, in return for payment, instruction in riding and arising out of the hire or use of a horse as aforesaid and which also insures such persons in respect of any liability which may be incurred by them in respect of injury to any person caused by or arising out of the hire or use of a horse as aforesaid
  • A register shall be kept by the licence holder of all horses in his possession aged three years and under and usually kept on the premises which shall be available for inspection by an authorised officer at all reasonable times
  • Persons undertaking any riding activity at the riding establishment should at all times wear suitable head protection which complies with the current approved standard, that is PAS015 and BSEN 1384
  • Protective headgear shall be replaced periodically according to use and manufacturers recommendations; damaged and dropped hats shall not be worn until checked for safe use by the manufacturers or other competent person
  • Water supplied for drinking purposes for people shall be wholesome in accordance with current legislation; water not intended for drinking purposes shall be clearly marked with appropriate signage (i.e. Not for Drinking Purposes)
  • That paramount consideration will be given to the condition of horses and that they will be maintained in good health and in all respect physically fit and that, in the case of a horse kept for the purpose of its being let out on hire for riding or a horse kept for the purpose of its being used in providing instruction in riding, the horse will be suitable for the purpose for which it is kept
  • That the feet of all animals are properly trimmed and that, if shod, their shoes are properly fitted and in good condition
  • All tack shall be maintained in a good and safe condition and regularly inspected for defects and deterioration; tack shall be appropriate for the horse concerned
  • There will be available at all times accommodation for horses suitable as respects construction, size, number of occupants, lighting, ventilation, drainage and cleanliness and that these requirements be complied with not only in the case of new buildings but also in the case of buildings converted for use as stabling
  • In the case of horses maintained at grass there will be available for them at all times during which they are so maintained, adequate pasture and shelter and water and that supplementary feeds will be provided as and when required
  • Horses will be adequately supplied with suitable food, drink and (except in the case of horses maintained at grass, so long as they are so maintained) bedding material, and will be adequately exercised, groomed and rested and visited at suitable intervals
  • All reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent and control the spread among horses of infectious or contagious diseases and that veterinary first aid equipment and medicines shall be provided and maintained in the premises
  • Appropriate steps will be taken for the protection and extrication of horses in case of fire, and, in particular, that the name, address and telephone number of the licence holder or some other responsible person will be kept displayed in a prominent position on the outside of the premises and that instruction as to action to be taken in the event of fire, with particular regard to the extrication of horses, will be kept displayed in a prominent position on the outside of the premises
  • Adequate accommodation will be provided for forage, bedding, stable equipment and saddlery
  • All persons giving lessons shall have, or within two years obtain the BHS Assistant Instructor's Certificate