29 April 2022

Bervie Braes to remain closed for remainder of year

Following investigations into the stability of Bervie Braes at Stonehaven following a minor landslip late last year, we have had to close the route to vehicular traffic for the remainder of the year with immediate effect.

A second line of barriers will be installed in the carriageway to provide increased capacity for debris should further slips occur and barriers will also be positioned to enable the pathway to remain open for pedestrians and cyclists.

It was our hope that the road could re-open with an enhanced monitoring system in place while the investigations continued and designs were drawn up for a stabilisation solution.

Sadly that is no longer possible on safety grounds as the instability of the slope is far more extensive than had been previously anticipated with the potential for a larger slip presenting an unacceptable risk to vehicles using the road.

It should be noted that the slope below the road at this location was soil-nailed as part of the stabilisation works in 2014/15 so the present landslip poses no risk to the stability of the lower slope or to residential properties at this location.

The additional barriers will also control any possibility of debris flow onto the top of the lower slope.

We appreciate the closure is disappointing news for many of you and we ask for your patience as the investigations continue.