25 April 2022

Surface dressing and road repairs get underway across Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire Council is again making significant additional investment in roads improvements during the summer months ahead.

A programme of surface-dressing and a major effort to tackle potholes and other road defects has started in villages, towns and rural communities across the region.

Surface dressing is used as an effective and cost-efficient way to further the lifespan of roads and improve the quality of damaged carriageway. The technique of laying hot bitumen followed by chippings works to seal the road surface and also provides better grip for vehicles.

However, it does require motorists to take extra care and reduce speed when passing over treated sections of carriageway as there is a short-term heightened risk of skidding. To ensure no bare patches are left, more chips are laid than are required for the finished job.

Although the newly-dressed road is mechanically swept a number of times after being treated, it takes several days for chips to embed fully into the bitumen. The council recognises some road users, such as motorcyclists, can find loose chips particularly challenging and other motorists are reminded to give these users space and time.

Warning signs advising of surface dressing works are always erected prior to work starting, and remain in place for several days after the work has been carried out. Some patching work is also sometimes required, where badly cracked section of roads are repaired prior to surface dressing, and these works will also be taking place throughout the area.

The public continues to provide the council with vital information about potholes and emerging issues with the road network condition which the authority has been carefully categorising depending on the severity of the defect. Those posing an immediate danger to the public are inspected and actioned within 24 hours.

Recent wintry weather and unprecedented storm events also brought a range of challenges across Aberdeenshire, with an increasing number of emerging issues with the road network condition being reported.

Philip McKay, Head of Roads and Infrastructure, said: “We are investing additional revenue to carry out these critical repairs, but it does take time to complete. We appreciate that working on roads can cause some inconvenience to users, but I would ask that you bear with us as we carry out these essential repairs which deliver long-term benefits across our 3,500-mile roads network. Above all, please be respectful of our roads crews who are undertaking that vital work on your behalf.”

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