07 August 2022

Dissolution of Ellon Community Council

Following two calls for nominations in May and June of 2022, Ellon Community Council failed to attract a sufficient number of members to meet the minimum requirement.

It was proposed that the group continue as a Steering Group, chaired by the Area Manager, to work towards attracting further interest within the community and rebuilding the Community Council. However, following the resignation of two of the four returning members, the membership fell below the quorum required to continue.

Therefore, as of 29 July 2022, Ellon Community Council automatically dissolved, as per Section 15 of the current Scheme of Establishment of Community Councils:

“Upon the number of members of the Community Council or Steering Group becoming less than the quorum then the Community Council is deemed to be automatically dissolved with immediate effect. The Area Manager will notify the automatic dissolution to the Area Committee.”

Should there be interest within the community to re-establish the Community Council in the future, twenty or more electors may request that elections are held to establish a Community Council for the area. The twenty electors must submit a petition to the Area Manager in accordance with Section 52(7) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 or subsequent legislation and on receipt of a petition the Council shall arrange for elections to be held in accordance with the Scheme.


Anybody interested in re-establishing the community council can contact Formartine Area Manager Elaine Brown at