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Religious representative sought to support Education & Children's Services Committee

A vacancy currently exists on Aberdeenshire Council's Education and Children's Services Committee for a member interested in the promotion of religious education.

25 July 2022

Stonehaven and Fraserburgh school projects move to next stage of consideration

Projects for new schools in Stonehaven and Fraserburgh have taken a step forward, with councillors agreeing to move the projects to the next stage of consideration.

22 July 2022

Avian Influenza response continues, but reported numbers reducing along Aberdeenshire shores

Following our continuing efforts to remove dead seabirds from our coastline this week, we are now seeing a significant reduction in the numbers being reported.

19 July 2022

Aberdeenshire Council launches new round of funding for coastal communities

The latest round of Aberdeenshire Council’s Coastal Communities Challenge Fund (CCCF) programme is now live.

18 July 2022

Safer in Service Days of Action helping to reduce drug-related harm across the north-east

As part of the collaborative approach towards reducing drug-related harm in the north-east of Scotland, community safety partners from Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership and Police Scotland were involved in targeted activities in the Fraserburgh and Banff areas last month.

15 July 2022

Collection of dead seabirds must be handled by council

Efforts to remove larger numbers of dead seabirds suspected of having Avian Influenza have continued apace this week, with around several hundred collected from our shorelines in recent days.

12 July 2022

Aberdeenshire Council seeks views around new Shared Prosperity Fund

An online consultation has been launched seeking views from a wide range of stakeholders on how best to target Aberdeenshire's allocation from the UK Government's Shared Prosperity Fund.

11 July 2022

Challenging time as Avian Influenza clean-up continues

It has been a very challenging week for our Landscape Services staff who have been undertaking the removal of dead seabirds from the many shorelines around Aberdeenshire.

08 July 2022

The 'cycling lady' making real inroads towards cycling safety in Aberdeenshire schools

This August, June Andrew will celebrate 30 years of raising road safety awareness across the North-east of Scotland.

07 July 2022

Suspected new cases of Avian Influenza in Aberdeenshire

While we appreciate that the summer holidays have just begun and thoughts will turn to heading for our fantastic beaches, we must advise of a number of suspected new cases of Avian Influenza which have sadly claimed a significant number of seabirds in recent days.

04 July 2022