24 October 2022

Glowing report into Inverurie nursery

An Inverurie nursery has been praised by the Care Inspectorate with a "very good" rating in every category of an inspection report.

Uryside School Nursery, run by Aberdeenshire Council, cares for up to 50 children and left inspectors impressed after speaking with 43 children and five of their family members.

Staff at the Peregrine Drive, nursery were praised for knowing the children well and being receptive to the children's needs as well as developing positive partnerships with families.

The report said: "The nursery was safe and secure and had been well laid out to provide a welcoming and nurturing- environment for children to take part in play and learning. 

"Children had ample space to move freely between areas and take part in floor play or tabletop activities. Quiet areas had been developed to support children's wellbeing and provide a space for rest or relaxation.

"Staff followed cues from children and were quick to recognise if a child needed support. This provided a positive and nurturing ethos and encouraged children to form attachments with the staff and feel confident in their care.

"Numeracy and literacy had been incorporated into most areas within the indoor environment to support children's learning. These opportunities encouraged children to develop their creativity, imaginations, and critical thinking skills."

Aberdeenshire Council's Head of Education Vincent Docherty said: "A massive congratulations to Uryside School Nursery for being rated 'very good' right across the board.

"I was very pleased to see that staff were praised for their nurturing care and support and are responsive to the needs of the children.

"Inspectors praised the nursery for being safe and secure and were also complimentary towards the staff and management supported parents ensuring they felt involved and included in their child's early years' experience."