09 August 2023

Braemar Medical Practice: Dr Cruickshank to end NHS Grampian contract

The Braemar Practice, which provides care to just over 700 patients, has given notice of the intention to hand back the contract with NHS Grampian to provide General Medical Services, on 5th December 2023.

The Braemar Practice has, for some time now been run by a sole Partner, Dr Cruickshank, who has along with a small team, including a part-time Associate GP, delivered exceptional 24/7 patient care to the village of Braemar and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts, the practice has been unable to recruit a new GP to replace the retiring Associate GP.

Janine Howie, Partnership Manager for South Aberdeenshire, said: “Dr Cruickshank has shown incredible dedication to his patients, and we are very thankful for all he has done for all his patients across this very rural area. The practice has tried to recruit a new GP however, this has not been possible and as a result Dr Cruickshank has had to take this difficult decision.

“It is our intention to work closely with Dr Cruickshank and the community to ensure that we can provide a robust and sustainable service to the Braemar community going forward.”

“I appreciate that this is an uncertain time for those registered with the Practice, however the Practice will continue as normal over the next four months and there is no need for patients to take any action.”

“I would also like to reassure patients that we will keep them informed throughout the process and whilst I fully understand that this is an unsettling time, I can promise that we are doing all we can to make the process as smooth as possible and that we will be engaging with the whole community throughout.”

Dr Cruickshank said: “I think everyone in the community will know that this is not the position I wished to be in, however, continuing as I am is simply not possible.

It has been both an honour and a privilege to serve the patients and community of Braemar, as their GP, for more than 29 years”.

“I will continue to advocate for my patients whilst working with the Partnership to ensure that future healthcare provision for the village is community and person-centred.”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Braemar community for the incredible support they have given me over the years.”