19 January 2023

Cairngorms National Park Authority elections

Nomination forms are available for people wishing to stand as candidates in the Cairngorms National Park Authority board elections.
To be able to stand, candidates must be over 21 years of age, but do not need to be a resident in either the ward for which they wish to stand, or the Park area generally.
The deadline for nominations is Wednesday 15 February 2023 (before 4pm).
Five board members are directly elected by residents in the Cairngorms National Park, serving for a period of four years. They serve alongside seven members who are appointed by the five local authorities covering the Park area and seven directly appointed by Scottish Government Ministers. 
The board of the Park Authority agree the long-term objectives for the Park and set out the CNPA’s priorities for work. They also play a key role in representing the National Park and the Park Authority by acting as ambassadors. 
Information has been sent out this week to those residing in the National Park and registered to vote in this election.  Ballot papers will be dispatched by post at the end of February with votes to be cast and returned by post in the pre-paid envelope by no later than 2pm on Thursday 23 March 2023.

There’s lots more information about the board elections on the CNPA website or to access nomination forms or electoral information please go to The Highland Council’s website at