01 June 2023

New website helps Aberdeenshire residents embrace community composting

A step-by-step guide on how to kickstart carbon-cutting community composting initiatives in Aberdeenshire is now available online. was developed by Zero Waste Scotland, in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council, and provides the area’s communities and organisations with a comprehensive guide to getting local composting projects up and running.

Community composting lets residents manage their food waste efficiently while producing high-quality compost to use in local growing projects.

Zero Waste Scotland’s Partnerships Manager, Cheryl Robb, said: “Through community composting, people in Aberdeenshire can turn what would have been waste - from potato peels to grass cuttings - into high-quality compost.

“This can then be used to grow food locally, whilst adding essential nutrients back into the soil – benefitting everyone in the process.

“Our new site makes the whole process as easy as possible, and I look forward to seeing it put to use by communities across Aberdeenshire.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Chair, John Crawley, said: “Community composting is great for the environment and our communities. It can teach others the importance of recycling and composting while bringing people together to build a sense of civic pride.

“If you’re at all interested in improving the soils and sense of community in your area—or just want to learn more about composting in general—then this new website has step-for-step what you need to know.”

Zero Waste Scotland previously launched a similar, successful community composting initiative in the Highlands, which was welcomed as a “fantastic resource” by the local authority.