22 March 2023

Inspectors find Mintlaw Academy providing 'wealth of activities' for pupils to 'thrive'

Mintlaw Academy has received a glowing report following a visit by school inspectors.

The Education Scotland inspection team found strengths in the school’s work including a “supportive learning environment built on positive, nurturing relationships” creating a “calm and relaxed ethos for learning”.

Inspectors praised the “articulate and friendly young people” saying they are proud of their school community and gaining a “range of skills and attributes through their involvement in a wide range of out of class learning activities”.

The report stated pupils “enjoy learning at Mintlaw Academy” and “appreciate the support they receive from teachers and other staff” adding that they are “encouraged to give their best”.

Chair of the Education and Children’s Services Committee Cllr Gillian Owen said: “It’s extremely gratifying to read such a positive report with inspectors noting the fact that staff know their young people’s needs well and provide a wealth of additional activities and opportunities for them to thrive and become more confident young adults.

“The report highlights that young people are attaining well in both literacy and numeracy with almost all young people moving on to a positive destination in the last five years.”

The Station Road school has been tasked with continuing to raise attainment and aspirations of all young people at all stages and to continue to refine approaches in monitoring the attainment, progress and skills development of all young people.

The inspectors concluded: “We are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve.”

Education and Children’s Services Committee vice chair Cllr Anne Simpson added: “Inspectors note a clear pattern of improvement at Mintlaw Academy over the past five years across literacy and numeracy which is great to see.

“I was also pleased to read that young people value the wide range of lunchtime and after school activities and the opportunity to form friendships beyond the classroom.

"As inspectors noted, these are supporting increased confidence, enjoyment, and strong relationships with staff.”