16 May 2023

Peak-time road closure trial to be introduced at Fraserburgh’s South Park School

A peak time road closure aimed at improving pupil safety outside an Aberdeenshire primary school will be formally introduced later this month.

Following concerns raised by school users and residents regarding traffic safety at Fraserburgh South Park School, an 18-month pilot scheme will ban access to Philorth Avenue and St Modans Place during peak time school drop-off and pick-up times.

In a first for the council, flashing signs have been installed at the end of the streets to notify drivers when the scheme is in operation between 8.15am and 9.15am and again between 2.30pm and 3.30pm (Monday to Friday during term time).

The 18-month scheme, enforceable by Police Scotland, will restrict traffic on Philorth Avenue between Provost Milne Drive and Mormond Avenue and also includes St Modans Place.

During these times, only those vehicles displaying a valid permit will be permitted to access the area and failure to comply could result in the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice.

Council officers have indicated that there will be some exemptions for those with permits including Blue Badge holders, waste delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, carers and district nurses and delivery vehicles.

Ongoing monitoring will take place over the trial period to determine the success of the project.

The introduction of the initiative follows a community consultation back in June last year which demonstrated widespread support for the project. It was also endorsed by the council’s Banff and Buchan Area Committee which warmly welcomed the trial to improve road safety outside the school.

Welcoming the introduction of the pilot scheme, committee chair Cllr Doreen Mair said: “Since the school and parent council began raising serious concerns over parking at drop-off and pick-up times, our officers have worked closely with them to develop plans for a trial scheme. Local residents had also raised concerns regarding access to driveways during school hours and have played a key role in the proposal. I am delighted to see the scheme being rolled out and have every confidence that motorists will adhere to the restrictions for the safety of our children as they attend school.”

Cllr John Crawley, chair of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, added: “While the restrictions will significantly improve safety at the school, we are aware of some concerns around the potential knock-on impact on surrounding streets during the peak-time closure. We will, of course, be carefully monitoring that throughout the trial and if it transpires that road safety has become an issue on neighbouring streets, measures such as build-outs or parking restrictions will be investigated.”

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