09 November 2023

Building your own home? Aberdeenshire Self-Build Register launched

An Aberdeenshire Self-Build Register has just been launched.

It asks people to provide their basic information and what type of plot they are looking for.

While this will not result in an offer of land being made, Aberdeenshire Council will use this information to inform policy and future land use.

You can access the register at

The register has been created in light of the Scottish Government’s desire to see self-build homes becoming a more mainstream housing option.

As such The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 (Section 16E) now requires local planning authorities to prepare, maintain and publish a list of anyone with the intention of acquiring land for self-build housing across the planning authority's area.

The council will then have a duty to consider this information when preparing the next Local Development Plan.

Alongside the register, Aberdeenshire Council has created a self-build guide which gives people basic information about self-building and signposts to more in-depth information

Self-building is a rewarding but complex process, so information provided is just a starting point and the council advises that professional advice is sought.

Paul Macari, Head of Planning and Economy at Aberdeenshire Council said: “The self-build register we have launched will assist us in assessing demand for self-build properties and ensure this is considered when developing planning policies. However just as importantly, for anyone interested in undertaking their own self build project it will provide a range of information and guidance which will help navigate the challenges that such a project poses.”