02 November 2023

Peterhead Central School Nursery commended by Care Inspectorate

Peterhead Central School Nursery has been commended by the Care Inspectorate after a visit by inspectors.

The nursery, within Peterhead Central Primary School, was rated 'very good' across the board by inspectors, saying that children "received nurturing care and support from staff who were kind, caring and responsive to their needs."

The report is broken down into four main categories and rated from one to six:
•    How good is our care, play and learning? 5 - Very Good
•    How good is our setting? 5 - Very Good
•    How good is our leadership? 5 - Very Good
•    How good is our staff team? 5 - Very Good

Staff at the St Peter Street nursery were praised for creating "a welcoming environment for children and families" with children benefitting from a “wide range of experiences indoors and outdoors, providing opportunities to be creative, curious and imaginative.”

The report said: “Children benefitted from a staff team who worked well together and had created a welcoming, nurturing and inclusive environment.

"Staff were responsive to children throughout the session, providing lots of praise and encouragement. 

“Children were happy, settled and comfortable and had developed positive attachments to staff."

It added: "Children experienced a setting that was comfortable, homely and well furnished.

“Children's health and wellbeing was supported by good opportunities for fresh air and exercise. Children benefited from regular walks, outings to the park, beach and trips to the library.

"This supported their physical development and helped them to feel included in their local community."