26 October 2023

Aberdeenshire Council looks to develop active travel route between Montgarrie and Alford

Aberdeenshire Council is looking to develop an active travel route between Montgarrie and Alford.

A feasibility study has been developed and identified a preferred route which would allow for walking, running, cycling and wheeling.

The preferred route option follows existing paths through Haughton Country Path leading to Montgarrie Bridge which will be upgraded and widened to create a more accessible route for all users and mobility.

A short engagement survey has now been launched to seek the views of those who may use the new active travel route.

It asks if investment in active travel links such as this might encourage people to use their cars less and if this route is developed, would people use it either for leisure or travel.

You can access the survey at

Paper copies and maps are also available in Alford Library on Greystone Road.