09 January 2024

Aberdeenshire's Registration Week for Primary 1

Aberdeenshire’s Registration Week for Primary 1 admission is Monday, January 15 to Friday, January 19.

All children who reach their fifth birthday by February 28, 2025 are invited to register for Primary 1 for admission in August 2024. 

Parents/carers of those children due to commence attendance at school in August 2024 should now register their children for the appropriate local primary school.  

To register for a primary school place, for a school within your catchment area, complete the online application at

It is usual practice for children to attend their local catchment primary school, however, you have the right to apply to place your child in a school other than your local school.

All families living in the Clatt School, Easterfield School and Fisherford School catchment areas are still entitled, if interested, to select their catchment school as an option on the P1 admissions form even though these schools are currently mothballed.

Please complete an out of zone placing request. You should still register your child in a school in the area you live in until you know the outcome of your application.

Out of Zone Request form can be found at

Please bring the below with you when your child starts school:
• the child’s birth certificate as this is required as evidence of their date of birth
• evidence of the parent/carer’s home address (for example a recent utility bill or recent bank statement)  

All schools in Aberdeenshire have the same start date, in the middle of August each year. You will be informed of this year's start date at the time of registration at school.

Aberdeenshire Education & Children's Services makes no provision to admit any children who are five after the end of February, unless that child has previously been registered and has commenced full-time attendance (excluding induction) in a state supported or Forces school and is transferring into Aberdeenshire.

In this case, the local authority can exercise discretion. Registration for a nursery or playgroup does not count for the purposes of this exception.