05 July 2024

Appeal for adopters to come forward

Aberdeenshire Council is making an appeal for potential adopters to attend a meeting to find out more about the process.

The council is an adoption agency, putting together families with children and providing support to adopters, adoptees and birth parents.

Adoption Service Team Manager Carol Reilly said: “Adoption is a complex and emotional process that involves creating a new family relationship borne out of significant loss.

“Adoption is hugely rewarding – creating a loving family for children who are unable to grow up with their birth families.

“Whilst it can be challenging and appear daunting, our team will be with you throughout every step to ensure a seamless journey through the adoption process.”

The average number of children requiring adoptive families each year in Aberdeenshire is 12, with children ranging in age from birth to seven-years-old. 

There will be a virtual information evening on July 16 – to register, message the Facebook page, email or call 01467 532800.

The adoption team encourages potential adopters to keep an open mind and to not reduce opportunities to offer a child a home by being specific, such as gender and narrow age preferences. 

Aberdeenshire Council also needs families who can care for brothers and sisters so they can grow up together, if this is in their best interests.  

Carol added: “We’re here to provide support to all parties involved and help ensure that every child can grow up in a safe and loving home, where they are accepted for who they are, so they can grow up knowing their life story. 

“We stand alongside adopted families for as long as they need us, helping them navigate their parenting journey and prioritising the importance of every child finding a loving and permanent home. 

If you are considering adopting in Aberdeenshire or for more information, visit email or call 01467 532800. 

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