20 March 2024

Inverurie nursery rated 'very good' across all areas

An Inverurie school nursery has received a ‘very good’ rating across the board following a visit by the Care Inspectorate.

Kintore School Nursery was commended by the inspection team finding:
•    Children were happy, confident and settled.
•    Children were leaders of their own play and learning. 
•    The staff team worked well together to meet children's needs. 
•    Strong leadership ensured a culture of continuous improvement. 
•    Staff used their skills and knowledge to ensure high quality outcomes for children.

The report is broken down into four main categories covering care, play and learning; the setting; the leadership; and the staff team, and rated from one to six, with the Castle Walk school nursery receiving ‘five’ across all categories.

The report said: “Interactions between staff and children were warm, kind, and caring. Children were seen to engage well with staff and invite them into their play. 

“Staff knew children well and showed a genuine interest in their individual needs and preferences. 

“Parents told us, ‘The staff are so caring, patient and fun with the children. They are always trying to make each day new and exciting; they are so smiley and welcoming each morning’ and ‘the staff are all extremely lovely and care for my child well’.”

With regards to the leadership at the nursery, the report said: “The staff team were committed to embedding a culture of self-reflection and evaluation into their practice. This was resulting in children and their families experiencing positive outcomes.”

On staff, the report said: “Staff deployment was very good, supporting the supervision of children in the different spaces used. Staff communicated well, face to face and using walkie talkies to ensure effective communication and that staff knew children were moving from one space to another. 

“Staff were flexible when needed to ensure continuity for the children, for example, moving to other areas and spaces depending on the number and needs of the children.”