07 March 2024

Review of Inverurie, Oldmeldrum and Daviot active travel route options gets underway

Aberdeenshire Council has commissioned consultants to undertake a comprehensive review of options for the development of an active travel route linking Oldmeldrum, Inverurie and Daviot.

Taking into account previous work undertaken on this proposed pathway, the review by AECOM will take the form of a Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) assessment – an objective-led approach developed to inform transport projects.

It will help to determine a preferred option by considering a wide range of issues against identified planning objectives.

The review will also ensure that best practice has been followed and that the project the council ultimately delivers is aligned on the best possible route. The STAG process is a more widely recognised and prescriptive approach which will also support work to attract the significant investment required going forward.

As part of the process, AECOM will be gathering feedback from landowners, stakeholder groups and the wider public over the coming weeks.

With a greater emphasis now being placed on the need to reduce carbon emissions and encourage less sedentary and healthier lifestyles, projects which provide alternative transport and recreational opportunities can help boost local economies while supporting climate change and health ambitions for Scotland as set out by the Scottish Government’ Active Travel Framework.

The work is being entirely funded from Transport Scotland’s grant allocation to Aberdeenshire Council to develop active travel through the ‘Cycling Walking Safer Routes’ programme.

Cllr Marion Ewenson, chair of the council’s Garioch Area Committee, said: “This is a great opportunity to link together the considerable work that has been undertaken both by local interest groups and ourselves over recent years and to use this to inform a recommendation on a preferred route option. It’s important that we take the opportunity to consider fully all the options available before we make a commitment to delivering what will be a significant asset to the area for years to come.”

Chair of the council’s Infrastructure Services Committee, Cllr Alan Turner, added: “The STAG review process is a well-developed and proven methodology providing a clear and robust framework to identify potential transport interventions which in this case will help Aberdeenshire Council to determine the best possible option to deliver an active travel route between the three settlements.”

Gary Oliver, Chair of Meldrum Paths Group, commented: “A pathway for walkers and cyclists that links Oldmeldrum, Daviot and Inverurie has been a key priority for the community for over 20 years.  Meldrum Paths Group welcome this major step forward towards developing a pathway that will benefit the whole community.”

You can find out more about the STAG assessment here:

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