04 March 2024

Scottish youth parliament elections in Aberdeenshire

An election for the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) is now open with young people across Aberdeenshire encouraged to vote.

The Scottish Youth Parliament provides a national platform for young people to discuss the issues that are important to them and campaign for changes to the nation that they live in.

Anyone aged between 12 and 25 can vote using their National Entitlement Card number as proof of eligibility.

In Aberdeenshire, prospective Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament are supported by Aberdeenshire Council’s Community Learning and Development service.

Education and Children’s Services Committee Chair Cllr David Keating said: “Every two years, our young people have the chance to vote on who will represent them as a member of the SYP. 

“These members are responsible for listening to your thoughts and opinions on the issues that matter to you and sharing them with decision-makers – such as us.

“I would encourage everyone to make sure their voice is heard and cast your vote.”

Education and Children’s Services Committee Vice Chair Cllr Anne Simpson added: “It is important for us to hear young people’s views as well as being alerted to what they consider the priorities to focus on. 

“The SYP gives them that voice and the ability to make their views known as well as shape their priorities, campaign and create policy not just in Aberdeenshire but across Scotland too.”

The candidates are competing for seven seats in Banffshire and Buchan Coast, North Angus & Mearns and Aberdeenshire West. Aberdeenshire East is uncontested. 

The elections will be held between March 1 and 15 and those standing are:

Banffshire & Buchan Coast
•    Beth Mackay
•    Bethany Ovenstone
•    Ryan Watt
•    River McGrath

Aberdeenshire West
•    Abbie McPherson
•    Jules Stoneman
•    Joe Nicholson
•    Feji Ugbehe
•    Kai Suleman

North Angus & Mearns
•    Remi Salvan
•    Mairi Millar

Aberdeenshire East (Uncontested)
•    Isla Grant
•    Erin Thomson

To vote, visit

If you are eligible, but don’t have an NEC card number, or would like to find out more please contact