Contact Building Standards

There are a number of ways to contact the Building Standards team: 

General enquiries

For general help and advice with Building Warrant issues you can call us at 01467 534333 or email

Correspondence address

All correspondence should be sent to:

ePlanning team
Aberdeenshire Council
Arduthie Road
AB39 2DQ

Arrange a meeting

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us you can call us at 01467 534333 to book a suitable time slot and location. Please let us know in advance if you have any special requirements that we need to take into consideration.

Management team contacts

Name Job title Email address Telephone
Jeremy Mitchell Building Standards Team Manager - Aboyne, Ellon and Stonehaven 01467 534333
Lorna Allan Building Standards Team Manager - Banff, Inverurie and Peterhead 01467 534333
Hannah McSherry Housing and Building Standards Manager 01467 534333

Local Offices

We have six offices throughout Aberdeenshire:

Please note that not all locations are open to the public.

Please contact the teams by phone and email for general enquiries, and virtual or face to face meetings can be arranged if required.

Aboyne office

This office is not permanently staffed. Please call to arrange access.

Bellwood Road
AB34 5HQ
Telephone: 01467 534333

Aboyne team
Name Job title
Fiona Bain Senior Building Standards Surveyor
Emma Emslie Building Standards Surveyor
Jill Binnie Building Standards Surveyor (part time)
Jack Ferries Building Standards Technical Assistant
Lois Petrie Building Standards Surveyor

Banff office

Town House
Low Street
AB45 1AY
Telephone: 01467 534333

Banff team
Name Job title
Reuben Birch Senior Building Standards Surveyor
Vacant Building Standards Surveyor
Kyle Ritchie Building Standards Technical Assistant

Ellon office

45 Bridge Street
AB41 9AA
Telephone: 01467 534333

Ellon team
Name Job title
David Clark Senior Building Standards Surveyor
Elise Fleming Building Standards Surveyor
Colin Lawson Building Standards Technical Assistant

Inverurie office

Gordon House
Blackhall Road
AB51 3WA
Telephone: 01467 534333

Inverurie team
Name Job title
Magnus Laurenson Building Standards Surveyor
Gillean Morrison Building Standards Surveyor (part time)
Ryan Hislop Building Standards Surveyor
Kerry Milne Building Standards Surveyor
Lynne Davidson Building Standards Technical Assistant

Peterhead office

Buchan House
St Peter Street
AB42 1QF
Telephone: 01467 534333

Peterhead team
Name Job title
Gordon Fraser Senior Building Standards Surveyor
Scott Sanderson Building Standards Surveyor
David Barbour Building Standards Technical Assistant
Louise Duncan Building Standards Surveyor

Stonehaven office

Arduthie Road
AB39 2DQ
Telephone: 01467 534333

Stonehaven team
Name Job title
Tony Julian Building Standards Surveyor
Graham MacKintosh Building Standards Surveyor
Annika Samland Building Standards Surveyor
Carolyn Hall Building Standards Surveyor
Keith Edwards Building Standards Technical Assistant