Building warrant drawings

The building warrant application should contain enough information about the proposed design and construction. This will help us check for compliance with the building standards.

We may need you to submit complex technical details. In this instance we recommend getting help from a professional or a competent person.

The plans don't need to be prepared by a professional but they should be of sufficient standard that is required by the Technical Handbooks and the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

To submit building warrant application you will need to provide:

Technical specification plans

The plans should be to scale of not less than 1/100 and should provide:

  • sufficient plans, section and elevations to give a complete representation of the proposals
  • construction details of all relevant parts of the building
  • structural detailing as appropriate ventilation and electrical arrangements
  • drainage layouts if applicable
  • detail of energy efficiency and heat loss
  • any other details as may be deemed necessary by the verifier to establish compliance

Site location

Location plan should be to a scale of 1/1250 or 1/2500 and it should:

  • clearly show the location of the proposed development to the nearest road junction
  • include a six-figure ordnance survey grid reference in rural situations

Site plan

Site (block) plan should be to a scale of 1/500 showing:

  • existing and proposed buildings 
  • extent and boundaries of the site
  • a north point and scale of the plan