22-23 The Square

Business and Community Enterprise: highly commended

Conservation and Building Adaptation: commended

Architect: Jill Andrews Architect
Main Contractor: phase 1 - Chap Construction, phase 2 - Neil Donald Joinery
Engineer: MacLeod and Jordon Consulting Engineers
Location: Huntly

The Square in Huntly has suffered from a decline due to the closure of many shops and banks and this building became vacant in 2012. The client Deveron Projects, a local based community organisation, aimed to create a living room for the town, which could be a community asset to assist with regeneration and supporting local creativity. The project involved improving the shop/public area accessed from the Square and renovating the redundant storage/workshop building into residency space for visiting artists.

Business and Community Enterprise: judges comments

The judges commented that there was a strong community element in the design to create not just a business but a social meeting place. They felt that considerable architectural thought has gone into the design and reuse, allowing an old building has been brought back into use in the prominent town square.

Conservation and Building Adaptation: judges comments

The judges commented how it was good to see the reuse of the building which had become redundant within the town square. The judges felt considerable architectural thought had gone into the design and reuse of the building, due to the building being long, many would struggle to find other uses for the building however a social meeting space for the community has been successfully provided. It is a good example of a regeneration and conservation project.

Room with high table and high chairs, wooden floors, stone wall feature and sofa

Room with wooden floors, large table in centre and large windows at the back

Wildflowers and plants in foreground with paved path between two buildings in background