Development Management - customer charter and feedback

The customer charter (PDF 215KB) sets out the service standards that you can expect when you interact with Development Management. It also explains how to give feedback which helps to shape and improve our services as well as what to do if things go wrong and you wish to make a complaint.

We monitor our performance against our customer charter each year. The service standard performance indicators (PDF 105KB) provide the results of annually assessing our Customer Charter commitments.

Customer feedback

If you would like to make a compliment, comment or complaint please fill out our Have Your Say online form.

We analyse all feedback and comments. Your input is helping us to improve the services we provide to you. Thank you for helping us to directly improve the way we do things. Your suggestions have led to the following improvements:

You said We did
Response times can take too long Reinforce the need for timely responses from staff and provide additional staff training options. Monitor our performance against our service standards. Review our documents to ensure its clear how applicants and agents can get updates via the Planning Portal for certain information.
Pre-application requirements are complex for small scale development and timescales are too long for basic enquiries. We are reviewing these comments as part of the customer engagement on our new Pre-Application Enquiry Service and plan to review the process during 2022 to ensure improvements to the process and outcomes.
Outcomes for applications are sometimes uncertain and pre application responses are not always clear. We will be adopting new planning advice in time for the publication of the Proposed Local Development Plan 2022 giving greater certainty as to how the Local Development Plan will be interpreted. We continue to monitor the pre-application process to ensure it gives sufficient certainty for applicants and agents.  
Provide stamped plans with the decision notice We have provided better information on how to access stamped plans via the planning portal when issuing a decision.
Ongoing difficulties with the planning portal in respect of submissions We continue to raise issues relating to the portal with the Scottish Government