Supplementary Guidance - Special Landscape Areas

Policy E2 of the proposed LDP 2016 commits to the publication of supplementary guidance which detail the boundaries and qualifying interests of Special Landscape Areas across Aberdeenshire. Following an extensive analysis undertaken by Land Use Consultants (LUC) a series of candidate Special Protection Areas have been identified and draft supplementary guidance developed.

Supplementary Guidance No. 9 Special Landscape Areas (PDF 9.7MB)

Consultation on this guidance closed on 13th May 2016.

A series of short films have been prepared to assist with your understanding of the supplementary guidance, and the nature of the areas identified as Special Landscapes:

The Supplementary Guidance

The Special Landscape Areas:

  1. North Aberdeenshire Coast
  2. North East Aberdeenshire Coast
  3. South East Aberdeenshire Coast
  4. Deveron Valley
  5. Bennachie
  6. Upper Don Valley
  7. Howe of Cromar
  8. Dee Valley
  9. Clachnaben and the Forest of Birse
  10. The Braes of the Mearns

The Supplementary Guidance is supported by the "Aberdeenshire Local Landscape Designation Review" prepared by LUC in March 2016. Due to the use of high resolution maps within this document it is a very large file size.

Local Landscape Designation Review (PDF 5MB)
Evaluation Report (PDF 189KB)

Figure 1: Study Area (PDF 3.6MB)
Figure 2: Landscape Character Areas (PDF 1.4MB)
Figure 3: Existing Designated Landscapes (PDF 1.4MB)
Figure 4: Natural Heritage Designations (PDF 1.8MB)
Figure 5: Cultural Heritage Designations (PDF 4.2MB)
Figure 6: Access and Recreation (PDF 1.6MB)
Figure 7: Wild Land Areas and Relative Wilderness (PDF 3.5MB)
Figure 8a: Landscape Evaluation - Representativeness (PDF 4MB)
Figure 8b: Landscape Evaluation - Rarity / Uniqueness (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8c: Landscape Evaluation - Intactness / Condition (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8d: Landscape Evaluation - Wilderness (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8e: Landscape Evaluation - Scenic Qualities (PDF 4MB)
Figure 8f: Landscape Evaluation - Enjoyment (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8g:Landscape Evaluation - Built Heritage Assets (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8h: Landscape Evaluation - Cultural Qualities (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8i: Landscape Evaluation - Naturalness and Natural Heritage Assets (PDF 4MB)
Figure 8j: Landscape Evaluation - Settlement Setting (PDF 4.1MB)
Figure 8k:Landscape Evaluation - Views (PDF 4MB)
Figure 8l: Landscape Evaluation - Connectivity (PDF 4MB)
Figure 9: Combined Results of the Landscape Evaluation (PDF 4.4MB)
Figure 10: Analysis of Evaluation Results by Landscape Unit (PDF 3.5MB)
Figure 11: Search Areas (PDF 5.8MB)
Figure 12: Candidate Special Landscape Areas (PDF 5.3MB)
Figure 13a-j Solo Candidate SLA (PDF 7.3MB)

A screening request was sought as per Section 9(3) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005. The Consultation Authorities agreed with the view of Aberdeenshire Council that there was no likelihood of significant environmental effects and as such a Strategic Environmental Assessment was not required.

Letter from Scottish Government