Local Development Plan 2021 – Main Issues Report

To support the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP) the publication of a range of documents are required including the Main Issues Report (MIR). The document highlights and explains possible changes to the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2017 to inform the content of the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2021. It is drawn from initial reviews of the existing plan and a Monitoring Statement (pdf 1.76MB). It also summarises the evidence base for the plan and focuses on the wider impact of the plan on the area and population.

A map-based, interactive Main Issues Report has been created to allow greater and easier interaction with the area's bids received and Main Issues identified. View our Interactive Main Issues Report.

Two short films have been produced on the Local Development Plan Process and the Main Issues Report.

Main Issues Report consultation 

We are now happy to receive submissions on the Main Issues Report documents:

The close of the consultation period is on 8 April 2019. You can submit a response form on any of the published documents:

This document remains an “Officers report” and has no material effect on future planning decisions at this time.  Information contained in the report appendixes is based on 'bids' received from landowners and developers  for land to be included in the Local Development Plan.

Along with the Main Issues Report we have also published:

A Draft Proposed Local Development Plan has been published to support our findings and preferred options coming from the main issues. This is provided for information and has no material role in decision making at this time.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

As part of the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP) 2021, we have prepared an Interim Environmental Statement from the Strategic Environmental Assessment. This is based on the following site specific assessments of the sustainability of development sites within settlements:

Main Issues Report meetings

A series of drop in sessions are proposed to allow people to come and talk to the planning officers to help with the preparation of submissions to the Main Issues Report and associated documents. 

Date Venue
Wednesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 6th February 2019 Banff  (Deveron Centre)
Thursday 12:30pm - 6:30pm, 14th February 2019 Huntly (Stewarts Hall- New Room)
Friday 12:30pm - 7pm, 15th February 2019 Balmedie (Leisure Centre)
Tuesday 2pm - 7pm, 19th February 2019 Portlethen (School Community Campus)
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm, 21st February 2019 Westhill (Holiday Inn)
Tuesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 26th February 2019 Peterhead (Palace Hotel)
Wednesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 27th February 2019 Aboyne (Victory Hall)
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm, 28th February 2019 Oldmeldrum (Town Hall)
Wednesday 2:30pm - 7pm, 6th March 2019  Stonehaven (Community Education Centre)
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm, 7th March 2019 Banchory (Town Hall)
Wednesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 13th March 2019 Turriff (Baden Powell Centre)
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm, 14th March 2019 Inverurie (Town Hall)
Tuesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 19th March 2019 Laurencekirk (Mearns Academy)
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm, 21st March 2019 Mintlaw (MACBI Community Hub)
Tuesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 26th March 2019 Fraserburgh (Community and Sports Centre)
Wednesday 12:30pm - 7pm, 27th March 2019 Ellon (New Inn Hotel)
Thursday 12:30pm - 7pm, 28th March 2019 Alford (Library)

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