Local Development Plan - development bids 2018

As part of the preparation of the Local Development Plan (LDP) 2021, we invited applicants to nominate land for development (known as the 'Call for Sites' stage).  This stage ran from 3rd January until 31st March 2018.  During this period, any interested parties could submit a 'bid' to have land allocated for housing, business or mixed use development.  We received in excess of 500 bids from landowners, developers and agents. 

You can also view the bid sites on a map.

Please note that some of these documents may not be suitable or accessible for users of assistive technology such as screen readers. We marked them with 'NA'.  You can request a copy of any of these files in a more accessible format by emailing ldp@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

Banff and Buchan