Main Issues Report 2013 - Preparation

This page provides links to information that we have used in the development of the Main Issues Report. Fundamentally six processes have been used to inform that document:

The first 3 stages were used to determine what the 'Main Issues' should be. Position Papers have been preprared for each 'Main Issue' to provide further analysis of what the issues are and what the options may be to resolve them (The position papers are also referred to in the Main Issues Report).

These position papers have been referred to in the Main Issues Report.

Position Paper 8 (PP8) Appendices

The final version of the draft Report "Strategic Landscape capacity for wind turbines in Aberdeenshire" used to inform Position Paper 5 (PP5) Renewable Energy has now been published in full as Planning advice 1/2014

A Report "An Appraisal Of The Potential Effects Of A Proposed Inverurie Bypass Upon Keith Hall Designed Landscape And Other Cultural Heritage Features" (PDF 606KB) was used to inform Main Issue 15 "What are the implications of uncertainty regarding trunk road development in Inverurie".