Proposed Local Development Plan 2020

On this page you can view the Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2020 and its supporting documents. The purpose of the proposed plan is to address the spatial implications of economic, social and environmental change, identifying opportunities for development and set out policies against which planning applications will be determined. The proposed plan represents the council’s "settled view" as to what the final adopted content of the Local Development Plan should be.

A map-based, interactive Proposed Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan has been created to allow greater and easier interaction with the area’s planning maps and documents. View our interactive online Proposed Local Development Plan.

Proposed Local Development Plan

You can view and download the proposed plan:

The Proposed Local Development Plan is supported by the following documents:

Strategic Environmental Assessment

As part of the preparation of the Proposed Local Development Plan 2020, we prepared a Strategic Environmental Assessment – Environmental Report of the Proposed Local Development Plan. This is based on the following site specific assessments of the sustainability of development sites within settlements:

Short films

We have produced short films about the proposed plan and the consultation process.

Virtual drop-in

During the plan-making process, officers would usually engage face-to-face with members of the public through drop-in events, usually held in public halls. However, given restrictions associated with COVID-19, it was not possible to hold these events.

Instead, we offered opportunity for statutory consultees and members of the public to continue to engage via the drop-in format. As such a 'virtual drop-in' was created.

The 360 degrees virtual drop-in is still available to view for reference only.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox browser to view the virtual drop-in.