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Process and Timescales - Development Plan Scheme

The Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006 requires all councils to prepare a Development Plan Scheme. This is a document that sets out our programme for preparing and reviewing development plans and our proposals for engagement. The development plan is made up of the Strategic Development Plan and the Local Development Plan. Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire have already jointly prepared a separate Development Plan Scheme for the Strategic Development Plan. This Local Development Plan Scheme (LDPS) has been prepared by Aberdeenshire Council for the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan.

This document provides information on:

  • What development plans we have now
  • Why we need to prepare a new Local Development Plan
  • What the timetable for preparing this plan and other related works (the project plan) is
  • What the timetable for consulting people is and how we will do this (the participation statement)

When we publish the Local Development Plan we will publish an equalities assessment to demonstrate how consultation on the Local Development Plan will meet the needs of disadvantaged groups.

You can view approved schemes from previous years:

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