Proposed Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan follows the principle that development plans should be concise, map-based documents. We have given details of our policy and site proposals in a shorter, more concise way as encouraged by the Planning etc. (Scotland) Act 2006. We have also taken advantage of the greater legal weight that can be placed on supplementary guidance.

We present 14 policies supported by 51 pieces of supplementary guidance. The need for further supplementary guidance is also noted in the policies, particularly in relation to masterplans for specific sites and design guidance for specific areas. In this way we have put a lot of the detailed material in the supplementary guidance. This allows the plan to focus on the distribution of development between settlements, the spatial strategy, and the main policies and proposals.

The Local Development Plan also contains a series of proposals maps that show the plan’s policies and proposals in a way that lets you see where the policies apply and the proposals are going to take place. The proposals maps also show the extent of area-wide designations, such as greenbelt. However, the size of Aberdeenshire and the number of proposals being considered mean that it would be very difficult to create a concise document while showing specific site boundaries and the detail required. Because of this, we cross-reference the policies and proposals in the plan to settlements published as supplementary guidance which show the effect of specific policies and proposals at a local scale.

We have also included five schedules in the Local Development Plan. that detail the housing and business lland allocations, and the affordable housing and developer contribution requirements.

Local Development Plan as Proposed to be Adopted

The Local Development Plan will be adopted on 1 June 2012, unless otherwise directed by Scottish Ministers

Aberdeenshire Council consulted on the proposed plan and associated supplementary guidance in July 2010. Around 2900 responses were received, on over 5750 topics. Further information on the consultation process can be viewed here.

The Supplementary Guidance

The following documents present the supplementary guidance as proposed to be adopted.

It is intended that this guidance will be adopted with the plan on 1 June 2012, unless otherwise directed by the Scottish Ministers

Copies of the original supplementary guidance published in 2010 is available here.

Copies of the amended Environmental Report from the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Habitats Regulations Appraisal are available here.

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