Wind Energy Developments

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Wind Energy Developments

On 25th August 2005 the Infrastructure Services Committee approved the use of supplementary planning guidance on Policy Inf\7: Renewable Energy Facilities - wind energy

The guidelines are split into two separate documents. Both sets of guidelines have been developed as part of Aberdeenshire Council’s Renewable Energy Strategy which was agreed in December 2004.

The guidelines will provide more clarity to future applicants and developers, as well as speed up the planning process for determining all wind energy developments, from single mounted turbines on buildings to onshore wind farms.

Part 1, ‘Use of Wind Energy in Aberdeenshire – Guidance for Applicants’, provides information and assistance for landowners wishing to erect wind turbines for private use. It will also inform developers who are considering commercial wind farm developments.

The Council’s process for assessing potential wind farm developments is outlined in Part 2, ‘Use of Wind Energy in Aberdeenshire – Guidance for Assessing Wind Energy Developments’.

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