Citizenship ceremonies

To book a British citizenship ceremony you must first receive an invitation letter issued by the Home Office. For any questions about this letter please contact the Home Office directly.

The Home Office will send us the naturalisation certificate we will present to your during the ceremony. 

You can book citizenship ceremonies by contacting us on 01467 468468 or emailing

We can't hold your ceremony until we receive the naturalisation certificate. When you contact us, we will hold your details and let you know once we receive your certificate. We can then progress with arranging your ceremony.

Group ceremonies are held approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. Local dignitaries may attend to present the certificates of citizenship. Refreshments are provided after the ceremony.

We also offer private ceremonies, by arrangement, at any of our registration offices. There will be a fee for private ceremonies.

Find out more about citizenship ceremonies on the UK Government website.