Residents Permit Zones in Peterhead

Broad Street Car Park (East and West)

Any residential property on:

  • Marischall Street (Nos. 1-11, 2-8) between Chapel Street and Broad Street
  • Broad Street (Nos. 1-83, 10-60) between Marischall Street and Union Street
  • Union Street (Nos. 1-5, 2-4) between Broad Street and Seagate
  • Rose Street (Nos. 1-17, 2-16)
  • Narrow Lane (Nos. 2-12)
  • St Andrew Street (Nos. 1-19, 2-22) between Merchant Street and Rose Street

Maiden Street Car Park

Not applicable.

Threadneedle Street Car Park

Any residential property on Threadneedle Street (Nos. 2-4).

Prince Street Car Park

Not applicable.

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