Gourdon Harbour

Gourdon HarbourAverage High Tide Variation:
35 minutes after Aberdeen

Latitude 56º 49'N
Longitude 02º 17'W

Admiralty Chart
No. 210

Harbourmaster (part-time)
Mr James Brown
Harbour Office
Old Pier
AB39 2JU
Tel: 01569 762741

General information

Gourdon Harbour was built in 1820.

The earlier harbour was cramped holding only 8 boats.

The harbour has a sheltered inner basin protected by storm gates. Halfway up the hill there is a small lighthouse. There is still a small fleet of trawlers operating from the port. The east breakwater was built in 1958 and the west breakwater built in 1970.

Extending to 7200 square metres and now offering 330 metres of quay space, Gourdon is a double harbour where the main section is totally given over to fishing and the original, or Gutty Harbour, is used by pleasure craft. Over 20 boats have regular moorings there and harbour services are extensive, including diesel fuel, water and electricity and a marine engineering firm.

Gourdon is a South facing harbour with protective storm gates, the entrance to the Gutty Harbour is rocky and can be difficult to navigate but the main harbour entrance is more accessible.

GourdonGourdon - Population 665

Visitors can buy fish from the filleting sheds by the Harbour.
There are attractive coastal walks in both directions from the town.

Harbour depths

Both harbours dry out at low tide.

It is advisable to consult the Harbourmaster about arrival times and access.


  • caravan site
  • tennis
  • bowling
  • sea angling
  • Post Office
  • hotels
  • shops

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