Alford to Huntly via Lumsden A2B

A2B dial-a-bus logoAlford to Huntly via Lumsden A2B is a council operated minibus service providing travel for shopping or other local services or facilities. The service is free to use and is open to the general public.

You must book your journeys on this door-to-door service.

Map showing areas covered by Alford to Huntly A2BAreas covered

The dial-a-bus service covers:

  • Alford
  • Auchleven
  • Bridge of Alford
  • Gartly
  • Huntly
  • Insch
  • Kennethmont
  • Leslie
  • Lumsden
  • Rhynie

Operating times

The service operates Monday to Friday.

Stops Monday to Friday
Insch 0905
Kennethmont 0915
Leslie 0925
Auchleven 0930
Alford 0945
Bridge of Alford 0950
Lumsden 1000
Rhynie 1005
Gartly 1015
Huntly 1025

The time in brackets in the table below show a change in the order of stop. Going from Leslie to Kennethmont then Insch.

Stops Monday to Friday
Huntly 1130 1315
Gartly 1140 1325
Rhynie 1150 1335
Lumsden 1155 1340
Bridge of Alford 1205 1350
Alford 1210 1355
Auchleven 1225 1410
Leslie 1230 1415
Insch 1240 1435
Kennethmont 1250 (1425)

How to book

You can book up to 7 days before travel or 14 days for health-related trips, but no later than the day before travel. To make a booking please  email or call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline on 01467 535 333 (option 1). The booking line is open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 3:30pm. 

View A2B dial-a-bus privacy notice (PDF 146KB)


For any queries, or to request an information leaflet including the operating days and times, please email or call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline on 01467 535 333 (option 3). The general enquiries line is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.