Inverurie Rural A2B

Inverurie Rural A2B dial-a-bus is operated by the council.

Who qualifies for the service

Those who cannot access public transport due to disability or infirmity, or who have limited access to conventional public transport. 

Area covered and operating times

The service operates into and within Inverurie:  

Hatton of Fintray, Kinmuck

Hatton of Fintray    1105 Inverurie 1300
Kinmuck 1110 Kinmuck 1320
Inverurie 1125 Hatton of Fintray 1330

Old Rayne, Kirkton of Rayne, Durno, Whiteford, Pitcaple, Chapel of Garioch

Monday and Friday
Old Rayne 1000 Inverurie 1200 1330
Kirkton of Rayne 1010 Chapel of Garioch 1212 1342
Durno 1022 Pitcaple 1217 1347
Whiteford 1027 Whiteford 1220 1350
Pitcaple 1030 Durno 1225 1355
Chapel of Garioch 1035 Kirkton of Rayne 1237 1407
Inverurie 1047 Old Rayne 1245 1415


Rothienorman 1000 Inverurie (Morrisons) 1300
Oldmeldrum 1015 Inverurie (Tesco) 1305
Inverurie Square 1030 Inverurie Square 1310
Inverurie (Tesco) 1035 Oldmeldrum 1325
Inverurie (Morrisons) 1040 Rothienorman 1340

Kintore and Kemnay

Wednesday and Thursday
Kintore 1000 Inverurie (Morrisons) 1300
Kemnay 1030 Inverurie (Tesco) 1305
Inverurie Square 1045 Inverurie Square 1310
Inverurie (Tesco) 1050 Kemnay 1325
Inverurie (Morrisons) 1055 Kintore 1340

How to book

All journeys must be pre-booked.

To make a booking, call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline and select option 1 between 9.30am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

To cancel a journey, call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline and select option 2 to leave a message, available 24 hours a day.

Contact us

A2B dial-a-bus hotline: 01467 535 333

For further information, call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline and select option 3 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to

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