Turriff Rural A2B

Turriff Rural A2B dial-a-bus service is operated by Aberdeenshire Council and is open to everyone.  All trips must be booked. 

Areas covered 

The service operates within the area indicated on the map below with passengers being picked up at bus stops, on main roads, on side roads or at home addresses if required. 

The bus route will vary based on passenger bookings.  The bus will not operate the full route of the guide timetable unless there are bookings for passengers to be picked up or dropped off along the full route.

Operating times

Passengers phoning to book should refer to the guide timetables below when requesting their travel times.  The A2B booking staff will provide an estimated pick-up time based on the number and location of other passenger pick-ups on the bus route.   

Monday to Friday 

The timetable is different on schooldays and non schooldays.

Non schooldays 

  Every weekday
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays Tuesdays and Thursdays
Turriff High Street 7:40am 3:15pm 4:00pm
Crudie  -- 3:35pm 4:20pm
Cuminestown 7:55am -- --
Garmond 8:00am -- --
New Byth 8:05am 3:40pm 4:25pm
Garmond -- 3:45pm 4:30pm
Cuminestown -- 3:50pm 4:35pm
Crudie 8:15am -- --
Turriff High Street 8:30am 4:00pm 4:50pm


   Every weekday  Every weekday Every weekday Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Wednesdays
Turriff High Street 9:30am 11:25am 1:45pm 5:00pm 5:15pm
Crudie  9:40am 11:35am -- -- --
Cuminestown -- -- 2:00pm 5:20pm 5:35pm
Garmond -- -- 2:05pm 5:25pm 5:40pm
New Byth 9:50am 11:45am 2:15pm 5:30pm 5:45pm
Garmond 9:55am 11:55am -- -- --
Cuminestown 10:00am 12:05am -- -- --
Crudie -- -- 2:20pm 5:35pm 5:50pm
Turriff High Street 10:20am 12:15am 2:30pm 5:45pm 6:00pm

The bus will also operate the following Auchterless – Turriff dial-a-bus service on Mondays to Fridays:

Auchterless 9:15am Turriff High Street 12:30pm
Turriff High Street 9:30am Auchterless 12:45pm


Turriff High Street 7:50am 9:30am 11:30am 1:30pm 3:15pm 5:00pm
Crudie -- 9:45am -- -- 3:30pm --
Cuminestown 8:05am -- 11:45am 1:45pm -- 5:20pm
Garmond 8:10am -- 11:50am 1:50pm -- 5:25pm
New Byth 8:15am 9:55am 11:55am 1:55pm 3:35pm 5:30pm
Garmond -- 10:00am -- -- -- --
Cuminestown -- 10:05am -- -- 3:40pm --
Crudie 8:22am -- 12:05pm 2:05pm -- 5:35pm
Turriff High Street 8:40am 10:20am 12:20pm 2:20pm 4:00pm 5:45pm

How to book

All journeys must be pre-booked. Please request times to try and fit in with the guide timetable if possible.

To make a booking, call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline and select option 1 between 9.30am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

To cancel a journey, call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline and select option 2 to leave a message, available 24 hours a day.

Contact us

A2B dial-a-bus hotline: 01467 535 333

For further information, call the A2B dial-a-bus hotline and select option 3 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to a2bdialabus@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.

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