Bus forum

Online bus forums are held to let interested groups and passengers discuss local bus services. We want to hear from you and let you know what’s happening to Aberdeenshire bus services. 

The objectives of the forums are to: 

  • Discuss and review council funded and commercial local bus services
  • Provide the community with updates on service development
  • Understand the community’s public transport needs
  • Allow informed public scrutiny of existing and proposed service provision
  • Consult on public transport policies and proposals

Please don't use the forum for queries about operational issues on a specific bus service or issues with bus infrastructure (bus stops, shelters). You should contact the operator or Passenger Transport Unit at the time of the issue, so the appropriate action can be taken.

Who attends the forum

The bus forums are open to the public and are normally attended by:

  • Bus users
  • Community councils
  • Business representatives
  • Youth groups
  • Senior citizen groups
  • Disabled interest groups
  • Councillors
  • Community transport providers
  • Operators of commercial and supported bus services
  • Any other individuals or groups expressing an interest in public transport

Bus forum meetings

Typical agenda:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Passenger Transport Unit update
  3. Stagecoach update
  4. Question and answers

Next meeting

You will need to register for the meetings and download the Microsoft Teams app before you can join.

View details of the next bus forum meeting, on 7th December 2023, where you can register and submit questions.

Please submit your comments and questions in advance of the meeting, whether or not you are able to attend. Questions can also be asked at the meeting.

All questions and answers, including those not answered on the night will be available to view on this page after the meeting. 

Details of future events will be available via social media channels and on this page.


View public transport contact details, including council services and bus operators.