QR codes and screens at bus stops

Find out how to use quick recognition (QR) codes at bus stops and see a list of bus stop locations with electronic screens.

QR codes

Bus stops in Aberdeenshire that have a timetable installed contain QR codes that can be scanned using the camera of your smartphone.

If your camera doesn’t scan QR codes automatically, you will need to download a QR code scanner app for free to your phone from the relevant app store. You can then scan the QR code, using the QR code scanner app downloaded and will take you to the web departure board for the bus stop in question. This can then be saved to your "favourites" to be accessed when on the go.

We do not charge for this service, however depending on your mobile telephone contract data usage costs may apply.

Electronic screens

Some principal bus stops in Aberdeenshire have electronic information screens installed that will provide live bus departure information where available. The screens are either installed within bus shelters or free standing near the bus stop. The larger, freestanding screens offer additional services such as journey planning.

Live departures will be shown as a number of minutes until departure (for example "2 mins") while scheduled departures will be shown as the timetabled departure time (for example 09:30).

Bus stops with electronic screens

View a list of bus stops with electronic screens in Aberdeenshire:

  • Aboyne, Rhu Na Haven Road - digital audio-visual flag display (westbound)
  • Aboyne, Victory Hall - external totem (westbound), 28” screen (eastbound)
  • Alford, Bank Brae - external totem (eastbound)
  • Ballater, Golf Road - 28” screen
  • Balmedie, Eigie Road - 28” screens
  • Banchory, Mount Street - external totem (eastbound)
  • Banff, Low Street - 28” screens
  • Blackburn, Fechnie Brae - 28” screen (eastbound and westbound)
  • Cambus O’May - digital audio-visual flag display (eastbound)
  • Cruden Bay, Braehead Drive - 28” screens
  • Dinnet, Crossroads - digital audio-visual flag display (eastbound)
  • Ellon, Park and Ride Car Park 43” E-Paper H-Frame display
  • Ellon, Park and Ride Stance 1 - 23” digital flag display and 42” E-Paper displays
  • Ellon, Park and Ride Stance 2 - 23” digital flag display and 42” E-Paper displays
  • Ellon, Park and Ride Stance 3 - 23” digital flag display and 42” E-Paper displays
  • Ellon, Park and Ride Waiting Room 40" display and internal totem
  • Ellon, Market Street - external totem (southbound), 28” screen (northbound)
  • Fraserburgh, Broad Street 13” E-Ink display
  • Fraserburgh, Bus Station external totem
  • Fyvie, Bridge of Lewes 28” screen
  • Huntly, The Square Interchange external totem
  • Inchmarlo, Queen Victoria Park - digital audio-visual flag display (eastbound)
  • Inverbervie, Market Square 28” screens
  • Inverurie, Burghmuir Drive - 28” screens
  • Inverurie, Gordon House - internal totem and 28” screens
  • Inverurie, Harlaw Road 28” screen
  • Inverurie, Middlemuir Road – 28” screen
  • Inverurie, Town Hall 32” E-Paper display
  • Inverurie, Market Place 28” screen
  • Kemnay, Kendal Road 28” screens
  • Kintore, The Square 28” screens and 32” E-Paper displays
  • Laurencekirk, Farquhar Street 32” E-Paper display
  • Macduff, Town Hall 28” screens
  • Mintlaw, Roundabout Interchange 42” E-Paper display
  • Newburgh, opposite Knockhall Road 28” screen
  • Newmachar, Station Road 28” screens
  • Newtonhill, Park and Choose 13” E-Ink display
  • Newtonhill, Skateraw Road 28” screen
  • Newtonhill, opposite Tesco 28” screen
  • Oldmeldrum, Major Lane - external totem
  • Peterhead, Back Street 28” screen
  • Peterhead, Interchange Stance 2 28” screen
  • Peterhead, Interchange Stance 3 28” screen
  • Peterhead, Interchange Stance 4 28” screen
  • Peterhead, Interchange Waiting Room - 40” display
  • Pitmedden, Bronie Crescent - digital solar flag displays
  • Port Elphinstone, Ladeside Road 28” screen
  • Port Elphinstone, Prospect Terrace 28” screens
  • Portlethen, Shopping Centre external kiosk (at Asda) and 28” screen (opposite Asda)
  • Portsoy, Seafield Street 28” screens
  • Potarch, Road End - digital audio-visual flag display (eastbound)
  • Potterton, Kirkhill Road - digital solar flag display (southbound)
  • Tarves, The Square - digital solar flag displays
  • Stonehaven, Barclay Street Interchange - external totem
  • Stonehaven, Station Road 32” E-Paper display to be installed
  • Torphins, The Square 28” screen (eastbound)
  • Turriff, High Street Interchange - external totem and 10” display
  • Westhill, Arnhall Drive 32” E-Paper display (southbound)
  • Westhill, Kinmundy Avenue external totem and 28” screen (southbound)


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