Hire minibus

Council minibuses are charged at 98 pence a mile. If a council driver is required then a charge of £13.79 per hour is made.

All minibuses must be returned in a clean and tidy condition, a surcharge of up to £30 may be levied if cleaning needs to be undertaken.

 Terms and conditions of hire

  1. Aberdeenshire Council minibuses are only available to non-profit making community and voluntary groups within Aberdeenshire.
    All minibuses are operated under the Minibus and Other Section 19 Permit Buses Regulations 1987 Legislation.
    Aberdeenshire council is the registered holder of a Section 19 Permit for each minibus, and every hire is carried out under the terms and conditions of the permit. This means that:
    A minibus should only be hired by such bodies as those involved with:
    • Education
    • Religion
    • Social Welfare
    Other activities beneficial to the community. A minibus cannot be hired for activities which are profit making. This means that a private nursing home or private nursery cannot hire a minibus.
  2. Vehicles are subject to availability.
  3. The IT50 form must be completed daily as this is a legal requirement.
  4. All sections of the vehicle log book must be completed for each journey.
  5. Vehicles can only be driven by Aberdeenshire Council Minibus Permit holders.
  6. Vehicles must be picked up and returned at the specified times and locations
  7. Vehicles must be fuelled prior to return. Charges will be incurred if this requirement is not met.
  8. Vehicles must be returned in a clean and tidy condition.
  9. Any damage must be reported to the person from whom the vehicle was collected, and also to the Integrated Transport Team on 01467 532065.
  10. 24 hours notice is required for a cancellation. A cancellation fee will be charged if less notice is given.
  11. If you are taking the minibus out with Aberdeenshire, a separate letter requesting permission should accompany the booking form and proof of personal break down cover provided.
  12. No standing shall be allowed whilst the vehicle is in motion. Passengers’ movement in small vehicles can be critical in relation to stability.
  13. All personal belongings/equipment left in the minibus at owner’s risk. Aberdeenshire Council’s Insurance does not cover such items should a break-in occur.

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