Scottish Blind Persons Travel Scheme

Aberdeenshire residents who are severely sight impaired or registered sight impaired with Aberdeenshire Council are entitled to the National Free Travel Scheme.

The National Free Travel Scheme entitles holders of a Scottish Blind Persons Travel Card to free travel (standard class) on:

  • all local bus services in Scotland
  • all scheduled long distance services in Scotland; and to/from Berwick and Carlisle (please check with the operator for booking details)
  • all rail services in Scotland; and as far as Berwick and Carlisle
    Glasgow underground services
  • Ferry services (please check with the operator before travelling)

Applicants who are registered severely sight impaired are entitled to free bus travel throughout Scotland with a Companion.


Aberdeenshire residents who are severely sight impaired or registered sight impaired with the council’s Visual Impairment Team, RNIB or other Blind Society are entitled to the national free travel scheme. 

A Certificate of Visual Impairment from an eye clinic is also acceptable. 

For those aged under 16 only, a letter from ophthalmologist at an eye clinic detailing level of visual impairment can also be accepted.

How to apply

An application form can be obtained by calling 03456 08 12 08. You must provide a passport-type photograph. This card will be provided free of charge.

Replacing a lost travel card

If you lose your Travel Card you must advise Aberdeenshire Council as soon as possible by calling 03456 08 12 08.

Further information

If you have any specific queries regarding the application process please contact: